Working with AS5048a on Arduino with Matlab plots

Goal: postprocess what absolute magnetic angle measurement sensor (woah) AS5048a returns with Matlab in order to see plots and make animations.
First result: what in the name of valhalla is the Matlab serial doing?!
Second result: works.

Github repositories with main files:

Arduino code is fork of the great ZoetropeLabs/AS5048A-Arduino, with a couple of additions. The main library files stays the same, but I reorganised it into an Arduino library with examples. The Matlab code is my own, with buffor handling for the serial connection.


  1. That’s awesome, great work dude! Can you tell me which magnet ring do you use? Thanks!!

    • The one that came with AS5048A (I ordered from mouser), it’s diametrically magnetised – they are quite cheap on ebay, there are version with a hole through the center for usage with slip rings.

  2. I couldn’t find in mouser, I only saw the AS5048A without the magnet ring! Could you sent me the link or the link in ebay? I have seen some diametrically magnetised but they are made of neodymium and it has a very strong magnetic field!

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