My robots

(work in progress, I will add links and photos when I have time)

My private robots:

bioloid_humanoid_01 Robotis Bioloid humanoid
18 Dynamixel AX-12 servos, I prefer connecting them directly to Matlab by USB2Dynamixel
Kinematic control is quite good, with differential inverse kinematics
Dynamic control terrible, robust PI controller needed in most cases
Servo identification by black-box methods works (sometimes)
bioloid_planar_01 Planar biped
Kinematic control works perfectly every time
Dynamic control – basic, with an approximate model of the servo
It is possible to control AX-12 in open-loop mode (direct PWM to the motor)!

Robots which I helped create:

unnamed (Asus xtion on top of several Dynamixel AX-12)

Robots on which I still work:

futaba_rbt-1_01 Futaba RBT-1
RS485 controller servos, but interface with USB2Dynamixel works pretty well with Matlab

Crazyflie 2
Quadruped robot

Past robots:

bioloid_spider_01 Robotis Bioloid, spider
only basic forward-backward movements