Partial disassembly of the Tiertime Up Plus 2

(sarcasm warning) Due to a recent massive surge of interest in the blog and the sheer terror of somebody actually reading it (yes, I’m looking at you Ola and Gosia), here we go with a rather pointless post – a quick autops… I mean, precise dissection of a 3D printer – Tiertime / PP3DP Up Plus 2. Or, at least, a glorified photo shoot.
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Crazyflie on Slackware 14.2

The adventures with the Crazyflie on Linux Slackware 14.2 begins! … with troubles 🙂
The goal is to get it going with Python, then with Matlab, then with Simulink, then with a mount that will bind it nicely to the ground with 3DOF gimbal.
Let’s start with drivers and Python.
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Using mouse for control in Matlab

So, it basically boils down to an old problem: how do I get some user-controlled inputs in Matlab?
Keyboard handling in real-time is basically nonexistant, joystick is alright, but the most easy way to get some input and freedom of controlling things is – to poll the mouse position.

Spoiler alert:

xy = get( 0, 'PointerLocation' )

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