Planar biped robot – Matlab control of a Bioloid walking robot

This one is a simple experiment done to test if the Dynamixel motor in an open loop (no internal PID) are fast enough when controlled by Matlab/USB-serial so that a HZD-based method will work.

First test:

Slow walking:

Fast walking:

For building the frame I used 2020 aluminium extrusion (Misumi-like, that one I ordered from ARMA), but for the corners I had to improvise – you should use a corner + side plate for correct mount, but since this is a prototype I got some flat furniture corner that grasps the extrusion pretty well.


In order to constrain the biped in frontal plane I used linear bearing – first idea was to use MGN-12H that were left from the Delta printer build, but they were too short and quite honestly the balls seemed … square (chinese brand, don’t ask). First I downloaded some 3D-printable linear carriage from the internet, based on the metal balls from the bicycle, but finally I redesigned a Kossel-printer carriage for usage with 6mm plastic ABS balls.


The final prototype, together with Usb2Dynamixel connection for Matlab and power adapter